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What is the average homesite size?
Average size will be 1.8 acres. On the plat maps, we also have the size of the building pads. The pads are where you can build your home. 

Is there an HOA? What does it cover? 
Yes, the monthly dues have not been finalized. We anticipate $200-300 per month. The HOA will oversee the snow removal, road maintenance, and service on drainage lines. Other items like power, insurance, and small items may exist. At closing, there will be an initial investment of $2500 +/- to build a reserve.


How do I tour Eaglewood Cove?

Tours are available on a daily basis when weather permits. Call Shandell Smoot to schedule (801) 652-1771. Buyers are welcome to walk the property but it is better to do it in the evenings when construction has ended for the day. 


What are the amenities at Eaglewood Cove?

The location of this development is situated between the Eaglewood Golf Course and the national forest service, as well as the newly extended Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Eagelwood Cove is 12 minutes from downtown Salt Lake, 14 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport, and 17 minutes to shopping at Station Park.
What is the process of purchasing a lot? 
Lots will first be released to the investor group who helped fund construction, then the Eaglewood waiting list, any lots not purchased will be offered to the general public and listed on the MLS. Once lots are awarded, a 45 day closing process will begin with disclosures and financing options.


Is there a Preferred Lender?
Hector Morris, VP Mortgage Services
(385) 465-3210

How long does construction typically take?
The construction on the roads, curb, gutter, and sidewalks will be done by September 2022. The culinary and secondary water tanks will also be completed by that time. While building a home the plans, city review, design review, bidding process, and permits can take 4-6 months. Many builders anticipate a construction time of 12-18 months.

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